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With our platform, you can get zoning reports and zoning data via APIs for due diligence and compliance assessment and research.
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All the Zoning Data you need for Due Diligence and Compliance
We provide software, data, and professional services to law firms to power due diligence workflows, compliance assessments, and land use evaluations, including:

Zoning Reports

Leverage the latest and most accurate Zoning and Land Use Reports delivered to you within 24 hours, as well as Full Zoning Reports and Zoning Verification Letters in record time.
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Intuitive Platform

Deep dive into our interactive platform, using its multitudes of features to benefit your legal research workflow and get more information in a fraction of the time.
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Zoning Data APIs

Bring the power of our extensive dataset to your applications using the Zoneomics APIs.
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Land Compliance Analysis

Simplify your workflows by letting our platform conduct the Land Use compliance analysis for a property or market.
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Be certain of the data you are viewing with source records that can help you identify the municipal or county department from where the data originated.
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Evaluate compliance, find restrictions and conduct due diligence based on comprehensive Real Estate Data Points and robust features
Zoneomics is the platform of choice for industry leaders, bringing an advanced dataset and features that solve complex challenges at the click of a button, including:
  • Zoning Filters
    24-Hour Reports
  • Zoning Cases
    View Permitted Lands (PLUs)
  • Zoning Listings
    Export CSVs
  • Color Coding Zones
    Building Controls

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