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Use our comprehensive platform to make fast and informed real estate decisions based on the latest and most in-depth information about each property.
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Our platform meets all your crucial Real Estate Appraisal Requirements
Our technology solves the most critical challenges of the appraisal sector. Rather than going to disparate city pages, waiting in lines, and paying huge fees for information, our platform does all the heavy lifting so you don't have to!


Deep dive into our interactive platform, using its multitudes of features to benefit your appraisal workflow and create greater returns in a fraction of the time.


Leverage the latest and most accurate Zoning and Land Use Reports delivered to you within 24 hours.


Bring the power of our extensive dataset to your applications using the Zoneomics APIs.

Bulk Data

When large swathes of data need to undergo analyses, our team offers Bulk data filters and tools to help you complete your process.
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Determine the highest and best land use with our extensive Real Estate Data Points and robust features
Zoneomics is the platform of choice for industry leaders, bringing an advanced dataset and features that solve complex challenges at the click of a button, including:
  • Zoning Maps & Filters
    24-Hour Reports
  • Zoning Codes & Guides
    View Permitted Lands (PLUs)
  • Setbacks, FAR & Building Height
    Export CSVs
  • Color Coding Zones
    Lot Size & Coverage

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